The mosquito has been the most destructive force to humanity. Even the Mississippi Gulf Coast was riddled with malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases in olden days. So much money, time and effort has been created to eradicate or at least dampen the effects of mosquitoes along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After Katrina, everyone who returned to the coast realized how fast mosquitoes can become a major pest in a short amount of time. Even though we have mosquitoes at bay enough to have a functioning society these days, it hasn’t always been that way. 

By the time the late 1600s rolled around, Columbus’  “new world” was old news. In the beginning, it didn’t take long for evil explorers like Hernando Cortez or Fracisco Pizarro to exploit the riches and resources to be found amongst new lands and new peoples. In 1698, Scotland was in the process of making big money moves. Five merchant ships Scotland’s wrecked economy had been suffering from years of devastating famine set sail toward the Isthmus of Panama. We know this area today as the Panama Canal. The goal for Scotland was to manage all future trade between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in their newly forming trading hub. Of all the plans they made to take on whatever was in their way, a small, but deadly insect was waiting to destroy them.

Tiger Mosquito

The idea of riches and fame rivaled some of the biggest money grabs in human history from Gold Rushes to the dot com bubble with nearly half of all the money in circulation in Scotland seeming to be centered around the plans for economic expansion in Panama.

Things seemed to be going well in the first few weeks until doctors became alarmed at the growing rate of sickness that hit everyone indiscriminately. 

Scots began dying from fever, diarrhea and fatigue and at a rate of more than a dozen a day with no signs of slowing down. Within half a year, almost half of all the world-traveling Scottish entrepreneurs were gone either to the afterlife or North to safer climates. The effects on Scotland were so devastating, that Scotland never fully recovered and accepted a unification deal with England that their proud society had previously been resisting for ages. 

Mosquitos have been so devastating throughout history for so long that even paleontologists believe that the dinosaurs were already on a population decline due to vector-borne illnesses from these blood-sucking foes.

Many do not realize that the fall of early ancient African civilizations, as well as, the Roman Empire were insurmountably affected by mosquito disease. African populations were so affected that our bodies evolved to create sickle-shaped blood cells to resist mosquito-derived diseases.

The World Health Organization states in many online journals and medical articles that the staggering figure of mosquito-related deaths is in excess of 50 billion lives. If the numbers are accurate from anthropologists and historians, that is half of all humans who ever existed. 

Mosquito Stern
Luckily, with modern technological advances, Paramount Pest Solutions technicians can curb and nearly conquer these diseases through careful, calculated and constant pest control methods.  Paramount Pest Solutions has a plan to keep your family and pets safe and less pestered by these pests.

Option one

Technicians use a misting application to vegetation to kill mosquitos where they rest during the day and apply a larvicide to standing water to kill them before they become adults. This method hits the life cycle in two separate links. 

Option Two

This method is the technician-suggested solution to mosquito problems near your home. Technicians install I2Care Mosquito “traps” that utilizes larvicide and adulticide components combined with spot misting applications. 

To reclaim your home or business from a pest that has killed more people than all the wars in the world’s history combined, call Paramount Pest Solutions at  228-896-PEST (7378) or email at [email protected]

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