What Are Mosquitos?

As the mosquito is (nearly) the state bird of our fair state, there are few to no people who haven’t encountered these blood suckers. Their bites irritate the skin through allergic reactions, which causes the tale-tell red bump and itching. Mosquitos also carry diseases, such as malaria, Zika and West Nile Virus, dengue virus, and others. Mosquitos not only carry human diseases, but can also transmit infections between dogs and horses, such as dog heart worms, eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile virus.



Nearly 200 varieties of mosquitoes live in the U.S., yet despite these differences, all live by the same four-stage life-cycle (egg, larva, pupa and adult). Standing water enables mosquitos to breed, and while many aquatic creatures, such as fish and dragonfly nymphs, eat mosquito eggs and larvae, portions of marshes, swamps, clogged ditches, temporary pools and puddles are breeding grounds for these creatures. Other area mosquitos breed in include toys, potted plant trays and saucers, tree holes, old tires, plastic covers and tarps, and more.

How to Eliminate Them

While insect repellant is helpful, here are a few other tips you can use to reduce the mosquito footprint in and around your home. Remove mosquito habitats by eliminating standing water in places like toys, old tires, rain gutters, buckets and other containers that could hold standing water. Empty or change bird baths, fountains, rain barrels and wading pools, as well as filing in standing pools of water with dirt. Erect structural barriers to cover gaps in walls, doors and windows to prevent mosquitoes from getting into your home. If you plan to head out into any marshy areas along our beautiful Gulf Coast, wear pants, long-sleeves and socks to protect your exposed skin. If you or a loved one are sensitive to mosquito bites, consider getting a head net. We recommend using safe but effective pesticides to control mosquito larvae around your home, and would love to come out and give you a free estimate on helping rid your property of mosquitoes. Contact us, today, to get started!


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