Pest control is the eradication, regulation, or management of species deemed to be a hazard to humans or our environment in some way. If you’re ready to get rid of insects and rodents now, it’s time to call us to eradicate the problem quickly and safely with our plans for total home assurance.


Mice, rats, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, wasps, flies, spiders, and termites are common pests which may be controlled by the use of an exterminator using different processes and applications for each pest. Although some are just scary, and we all know that person who squeals when they see a mouse, some of these are actually very detrimental.

Cockroaches are also a very old and very tough species, living on every continent in the world, and dating back to the dinosaur ages. This bug can go a month without food, and a week without water. Once established, they don’t leave easily, and a solid treatment plan will be necessary to keep them out. Besides for being unsightly, these pesky nuisances multiply fast. We have the tools to stop them in their tracks.

Bed bugs are a blood-drinking parasite. These little bugs travel easily, and can even be found in shipping containers of garments. Many people bring them into their home on new clothing. They also hitch rides in suitcases and other items brought home after traveling. Treatment for bed bugs should be started immediately upon confirmation.

Ants include many varieties, each willing to annoy the homeowner. Carpenter ants will feast on your home. Fire ants will ruin your enjoyment of your outdoor space, and can torment your entire family and even harm your pets. There are hundreds of types of ants, and treatments may vary. Save your yard, home and sanity with a whole-home ant removal application.

Yellow jackets and hornets are two types of wasps commonly known. Some wasps actually prey on other types of wasps, so proper identification is necessary to determine whether the species is friend or foe. If you have seen nests or several flying around your home, deck or storage facilities, they can become a dangerous threat to your family’s safety.

Our program starts with a thorough inspection. Once we detail the situation at your home, we formulate a plan. Generally, we do a thorough treatment on the initial service. We will then do a 14-30 day follow up depending on the situation if it needed.

Our pest control programs will use indoor and outdoor deterrents to eradicate the troublesome species.

Treating the outside of the home with a combination of sprays, pellets and granules will establish a long-lasting residual barrier which stops more pests from entering. We treat the soil around the home, the foundation, and any areas of entrance such as windows.

Then we begin work to get control of the inside of your home. Indoor treatments may consist of sprays, baits, traps, and other species-specific methods. Once controlled, we always revert back to the lightest applications we can use and still maintain a protective barrier.

Often, eliminating one pest will reduce more. For instance, spiders feed on insects. Therefore, if you get rid of the insects, you will also stop feeding the spiders. Although we may not specifically treat for them, they may also disappear.

Regularly scheduled service will maintain your home as a pest-free zone. We will call ahead to schedule our visits at your convenience. We will be treating on every service.

There are some things which you also can do to help manage the situation. Be sure your home is clean and clutter free. Pests live in the darkness. Don’t give them that luxury. Keep all food and water cleaned up; don’t unknowingly feed them. Just like us, they need food, water, and shelter. Removing these from the equation will also stop them from reappearing. If you see signs of any pests, we need to know, so don’t wait to call us. However, our systems are solid, and once the pests are controlled, you should have no issues.

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