The best defense is a good offense. That is especially true in termite protection. Our offensive plan keeps termites at bay, while protecting your home or business.


Termites are one of the oldest insects known, and are evolved from an ancestor closely related to the cockroach. Termites live on every continent except Antarctica, and have been around since the Jurassic Age. They are closely related to the cockroach, and can destroy a home from the inside out in three years. The extensive damage they can cause to your property can be expensive if left unattended. If you suspect you may have termites, call us to do a full inspection and treatment.

Worker and soldier termites are usually blind. When they detect danger, they tap signals to the colony. Their main enemy is ants, who will raid the colony and use the termites as a food source. A mature colony may contain millions of termites.

These insects digest cellulose, the fiber in wood, as their nutritional source.

There are three main types of termites, and each has different characteristics. If you are facing a termite problem, there are basic things to learn which will tell you the type of termite and the treatment for them. If you suspect a termite problem in your house currently, stop reading, call us immediately, and then continue reading: 228-896-PEST (7378).

Subterranean termites are the most common and destructive termite type in the United States. They have two-segmented white bodies, and live underground. Thy commonly enter your home if you have wood contacting the earth or build mud tubes into the structure. These insects can do heavy damage, ruining your home from the inside out in a few years is not controlled.

This group of termites are monitored and controlled with liquid treatments and are stopped by treating the ground outside the home and the foundation of the house.

Termiticides may vary, but the general idea is to apply it to the wood or ground area to remove termites which come into contact with it.

Because termites are constantly searching for food sources, controlling them is a long term effort. Many treatments will prevent re-infestations for several years, but continued monitoring and preventive efforts are helpful.

We offer termite protection, which is essentially insurance in case of an infestation with a plan geared toward prevention, follow-up inspections and treatments. Call us today to find out why you should choose Paramount Pest Solutions to protect what matters most to you!

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